Lotte Snip Bagan

Hi you! You are still on my page so that must mean I didn’t bore you to death so far! Lets see how bored you are after all the facts about me. Just kidding, but since you probably want some information about No Plans Attached, I will give you the facts. Lotte Snip, 25 years old, Online Marketeer and absolutely crazy for travel. So what do we have in common? I guess you love travelling and if not, you might be lost or one of moms friends who might be just doing it for her. Since you might be actually interested I will tell you how I founded this page. It all started when me and my partner (Guido) decided to travel. Everyone told us how much fun it would be. Not very surprising, obviously. But what was strange, was that everyone said how much fun the planning would be… Soon was I in for a rude awaking. I didn’t like the planning what so ever. I was just waiting till the time was finally there. Not that surprising since I don’t plan further than one week ahead, not only with friends but also big live decisions. If it is not here, my mind will not think about it. I knew we would figure it out along the way, I mean how hard could it be?! So it might not surprise you, but that is when I started this website.

And than it all started. Our worldtrip around the world began and I started this blog. No Plans Attached I hated at times since the internet was so slow that I wanted to throw my laptop out of the beach hut. But since I was a backpacker and living on a budget I wasn’t that rebellious. Our whole trip was based on blogs of other backpackers and places told to us by locals. I felt like I was living the live! So what could I do for others? Write about my experiences and cool places so if you would like to travel like me, you could! And if you do like to plan, good as well! As long as you do what you like. I just hope this page might give you inspiration like many other did for me.

If have any questions, contact me!



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